Lumondo Photography

Lumondo Photography - Martin Krzywinski

My photography aims to create create fashion, beauty, and editorial images with strong elements of geometry, story-telling, and contoured light and shadow. My process is analytical, cerebral and askew. My goal is to make a positive impact to your visual field.

I approach each subject with fresh perspective and enthusiasm. I am continually refining my approach to fashion, editorial, portrait, advertising, abstract, nature, and illustration.

I am committed to making a positive contribution to the Vancouver fashion and design community. Working with designers such as Adhesif, Carny Love, Art of Warm, Shi Studio and the House Gallery Boutique. I seek to combine the creativity of design, presentation and visualization together.

I am a member of CAPIC, and former member of the Vancouver Chapter Board.

Creative Vision

Simplification of form, generous use of geometrical primitives, balance between symmetry and broken patterns, and evolution of common visual elements into unique contexts - these are the image components that drive the stylistic nature of my work.

Playful and subversive representation of our world, banishment of the expected, gleaning pleasure in the beauty of things simple and small, and a desire for visual reductionism - these are the conceptual forces behind my work.